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With our certificate, you can sign from all software that use the #OpenSignature standard, such as Adobe Sign

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If you've already been identified via webcam you just have to enable cloud signature on your smartphone by installing 'Valid' the App by Intesi Group and follow the instructions on the email we sent you

45€ + VAT

Cloud Signature is a qualified electronic signature that has legal effects equal to those of a handwritten signature and is recognized as valid in all the EU Member States due to eIDAS Regulations (El...

If you need to:

Follow the instructions to reserve the certificate issue in the email you got after the purchase.
Lost email?
Enable cloud signature installing on your smartphone 'Valid' the App by Intesi Group Then follow the instructions to enable the signature, as in the mail you got after the issue of the certificate.
Lost email?
Do you have a new smartphone and you want to enable cloud signature on it?
Go to the control panel in the Strong Authentication section and on the signature service card chose the option Transfer.

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