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Allows creation of electronic signatures with the same legal effect as handwritten signatures. It complies with the most stringent e-signature Laws,eIDASRegulation and GDPR, being accepted worldwide. The certificate is protected by two-factor authentication – password and OTP generated by our Valid App.
Intesi Group cloud-based qualified certificates are natively integrated in Adobe Sign, allowing to get documents signed in minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, according to eIDAS Regulation a qualified signature has the same legal effect in all member states. Intesi Group is an Italian Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), supervised by AgID (The Italian Supervisory Body).
Passports and National Identity documents are accepted. The documents should have a photo ID, an expiration date and must be valid (unexpired).
During the Live Video Identity Verification session you will be asked by an Intesi Group trusted agent to present the original passport or national identity document uploaded in the registration form. This can be done from your laptop if it’s equipped with a webcam, or from your smartphone.

Have all necessary documents handy.

If you fail to provide the original identity documents during the video session, it may result in additional cost to you or to your company as you need to schedule a new Live Video Identity Verification session.
All our users can download for free Valid Desk application to sign quickly. Visit the dedicated webpage for more information here.

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