Easy Cloud Signature (SPID)

Easy Cloud Signature (SPID)
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  • Certificate Validity

    1 year

Do you ALREADY have a SPID digital identity?
Use it here and get right away your cloud-based qualified digital certificate.

Allows creation of electronic signatures with the same legal effect as handwritten signatures. It complies with the most stringent e-signature Laws, eIDAS Regulation and GDPR, being accepted worldwide. The certificate is protected by two-factor authentication – password and OTP generated by our Valid App.

You can have your cloud-based qualified digital certificate the same day and start signing documents.

If you have a Huawei smartphone that does not allow access to Google Play, you can NOT download and use our Valid App.


  • this email address will be included in your digital certificate and cannot be changed after that
  • DO NOT use certified email
  • DO NOT use email addresses with generic prefixes, not related to a specific person (i.e. info@email.com, accounting@email.com, etc ..)
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