Easy Cloud Signature (SPID)

  • Price [VAT not incl.]


  • Certificate Validity

    1 year

Do you ALREADY have a SPID digital identity?
Use it here and get right away your cloud-based qualified digital certificate.

Allows creation of electronic signatures with the same legal effect as handwritten signatures. It complies with the most stringent e-signature Laws, eIDAS Regulation and GDPR, being accepted worldwide. The certificate is protected by two-factor authentication – password and OTP generated by our IG YOU App.

You can have your cloud-based qualified digital certificate the same day and start signing documents.

To sign from a PC you can install the free software IG DESK  or to sign from a smartphone the free IG SMART software.
In both cases you have to download the IG YOU App on your tablet or mobile phone to authorize the signature.

N.B. If you have a Huawei Android smartphone, you can download IG YOU from the AppGallery.
IG YOU is NOT available for Huawei smartphones with HarmonyOS.

Minimum supported versions: Android: 5.0 Lollipop (API level 21) and iOS: 10.0.


  • this email address cannot be changed
  • DO NOT use (Certified Electronic Mail) PEC email
  • DO NOT use email addresses with generic prefixes, not related to a specific person (i.e. info@email.com, accounting@email.com, etc ..)