Qualified Electronic Seal (1 year)

  • Price [VAT not incl.]


  • Certificate Validity

    1 year

Qualified Electronic Seal issued to legal entities with the purpose of sealing any type of electronic transaction or document such as, for example, the verification file for the EPREL database.

The Qualified Seal requires an online identification with one of our operators. After the identification the qualified seal can be immediately activated and used.

It does not require any physical device such as a smart-card or USB key, but simply the installation of IG DESK on your PC.
IG DESK is free of charge.


  • this email address cannot be changed
  • DO NOT use (Certified Electronic Mail) PEC email
  • DO NOT use email addresses with generic prefixes, not related to a specific person (i.e. info@email.com, accounting@email.com, etc ..)